About Us

A Message from Agent Matthew Gabel

If I had to sum up Sauk Valley Insurance in one word it would be “family.” It’s the reason I decided to purchase the agency from David White in 1974, and it’s the driving force behind every decision that is made when it comes to our customers. But what I didn’t realize when I bought the agency is that family would quickly become more than my wife and kids. It would extend to everyone I care about – and that includes my employees and clients. I love helping people when they don’t see a solution in sight, and treating them like the friends and family that I quickly see them to be.

So what you can expect from our first meeting together? Our agency believes in listening to what you need. We’ll ask a question, listen. Ask a question, listen, and repeat the process over and over again. Questions and listening are everything. That’s how we build our custom insurance programs and know which insurance options are best for you.  We all have different needs, goals, and desires.  It’s important that you know we – as your independent insurance agent – have the knowledge, resources, and drive to form a plan that can take care of you. Plus, we have eight top-rated insurance companies we shop from that help us keep our options for you competitive and the best they can be.

Our commitment to putting your first also extends to how we deal with claims. Unlike other agencies and agents, we go to the claimant and/or site of the claim.  After a claim is made we will not leave the claimant until the claim is satisfied. Our clients receive a level of sincere empathy that cannot be matched. We’ll even let give you a shoulder to lean or cry on if needed. You’re family, and we are here for you.

Sauk Valley Insurance also believes that it is our duty to provide an insurance experience that they will not be surpassed anywhere. That experience comes across in many different ways. Technology is the one area that we stay as up-to-date with, so we invest in independent agency apps. We also make sure doing business with us doesn’t take up a lot of your time so we make it easy for you to access your policies, grab ID cards, and pay bills. 

As to how you can get in touch with our team. The sky is the limit. Call in, send us an email, reach out to us on social media or message us in our agency app. We’re on top of it all and will get back to you right away. That’s our promise to you. We’ve even been known to lend a hand moving furniture and planting vegetable gardens for our clients!


Fun Facts about Matt

In my free time, you’ll find me spending time with my family. We like to grow things and play sports. I’m a volunteer soccer coach at the YMCA and teach 7th - 8th graders important life skills. I am also a mentor for 2nd-3rd grades who need support through the school district, and my wife volunteers at our child’s new school.

 Matt Gabel and kids playing in the snow